The bridge to a better life

Hemophilia Outreach Center is a federally funded treatment center committed to improving clinical care and outcomes, increasing public awareness, and improving the quality of life for persons living with a bleeding disorder.

  • Up-to-date diagnostic testing and comprehensive medical services provided by knowledgeable experienced hematologists, nurses, physical therapists and counselors
  • Education and outreach to persons living with a bleeding disorder, their families, and the community
  • Programs specifically developed to enrich the lives of those living with a bleeding disorder
  • Coordination of medical care with health care providers and hospitals
  • Advocacy and guidance on bleeding disorder issues

Studies have shown that the individuals utilizing the comprehensive care model of a hemophilia treatment center live longer, healthier lives.

Memorial Scholarships

Mission Statement

Hemophilia Outreach Center is dedicated to providing expert, specialized medical care and advocacy for persons with a bleeding disorder. We create and implement programs that educate, empower, and enrich the bleeding disorder community. Our services are designed to enhance our holistic vision of each person as whole and complete.

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